Hermelinda Romero, an Event's Photographer


Two dogs meet and greet each other. "I know my hair is a mess, but I have a trust fund." One of the dog's is wearing a black and white checkered bow tie.


One lonely raccoon looking for dinner at the Cape Coral Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve. Was searching for dinner in one of the many little streams.


A dancing octopus behind glass at MOTE marina.

Got An Apple

A thoroughbred horse looking for attention near a white horse fence.

Turtle I

Turtle looking right at you! Beautiful blue water behind the turtle. Taken at Mote Aquarium.

I Can't See You

Retired race horse named "Go For Gin" grazing with fly protection for the eyes.

Golden Sleep

An old alligator laying/sleeping in shallow water with golden orange tiny pebbles in front of the photo.

Laying Wolf

A wolf laying next to a fallen tree, awake and alert with ears pointing up.