Hermelinda Romero, an Event's Photographer


Burrowing owl, male, spotted in a neighborhood in Cape Coral, Florida.


A male white pelican taking a drink of water. You see water dripping from it bill. The bird's bill shows the distinctive growth. This growth serves a function during battles between other rival pelicans.

Looking in all the Right Places

A Caracara bird facing left with white and green background. Close up shot of this bird taken at Homosassa Springs, Florida.


Burrowing owl walking on the raised mound at the entrance to their burrow.


A little green heron bird perched on a tree limb looking for it next meal.


A head shot of a bald eagle looking very fearless. The image shows great detail to the eye, beak, and feathers features. The bald eagle stands out against a dark background.


Burrowing owl standing on the wooden cross at a nesting site. He opened his eyes and I was able to see those yellow eyes.


Cormorant standing on an old tree limb with open beak , out of focus background and water behind

Rough Weather Coming

Great White Egret in breeding plumage standing on top of a tree. Photo has a dark sky as rough weather is moving in. This photo was taken at the Venice Rookery during mating season.

Watching and Waiting

One juvenile yellow-crowned night-heron bird perched on a branch.

Feathers Anyone


Burrowing owl, male, standing not far from the nesting site. Looked right at me before flying off to returned to the nest.

I Can See You

Flamingo hiding behind wing and looking out with one eye.


Great White Egret in breeding plumage standing still. Photo has dark green background and was taken at Homosassa Springs during mating season.


Colorful parrot at Jungle Gardens in Sarasota Florida.


A black-crowned Night Heron standing on a log with one foot and scratching beak. This bird is common world wide but rare in Florida.

Fly Away

A Roseate Spoonbill with outstretched wings. As it takes off in search of food one can see the underside of the wing. Catch in mid pose as it takes off.

Catch the Red Eye

Mature roseate spoonbill with beautiful ruby red eyes. Good face and beak recognition.